Trade Agreements Division

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Trade Agreements Division are:

1.1. Identify needs and propose initiatives to negotiate trade agreements, and coordinates activities with relevant stakeholders;

1.2. Provides the necessary information for negotiations and offers options for them, including the assessment of the impact of those agreements;

1.3. Provides support in the negotiation of trade agreements and ensure the inclusion of trade policy;

1.4. Explores and proposes new markets for exporters of Kosovo;

1.5. Assesses the implementation, impact and effectiveness of existing agreements and proposes improvements in line with new developments;

1.6. Exercise activity on behalf of the Secretariat for the Sub-Group of Working Group for Trade Policy Services.

2. Head of the Trade Agreement Division reports to the Head of the Trade Department.

3. Number of employees in the Trade Agreement Division is five (5).

Emrtimi Viti