Market Protection Division

1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Market Protection Division are:

1.1. Coordinates activities on designing legislation for anti-dumping and counterveiling measures, ensuring compliance with the standards and practices of the EU and the World Trade Organization;

1.2. Analyses dispute settlements of the World Trade Organization and EU regarding the Appellate Body (AB) decisions on Trade Remedies to ensure compliance with the obligations, as well as with relevant EU and WTO Agreements;

1.3. Provides counceling and recommendations on issues related to anti-dumping and counterveling measures;

1.4. Monitoring of enterprises in coordination with the Customs Authorities and cancels or finalize interim measures;

1.5. Provides solutions and proposes legal means for the protection of trade and ensures that imposed measures are in accordance with the provisions of the antidumping subsidies and counterveiling measures agreements.

2. Head of Market Protection Division reports to the Head of the Trade Department.

3. Number of employees in the Market Protection Division is three (3).

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