Innovation Department

The mission of the Innovation Department is to research, propose and draft policies in the field of innovation at the national level, in close cooperation with line institutions, implementing agencies, the private sector, academia and civil society.

1. Duties and Responsibilities:

1.1. Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of policy documents in the field of Innovation;

1.2. Proposes, drafts legislation in the field of Innovation;

1.3. Proposes policies in favor of the development of innovative activities and initiatives;

1.4. Researches, supports and promotes the development of projects in the field of innovation of all priority sectors that have impact on sustainable development;

1.5. Collaborates with Government Institutions to support and promote innovative products, processes and services;

1.6. Initiate the establishment of coordination mechanisms between science, the private sector, policy-making and civil society;

1.7. Leads and coordinates activities between public institutions, the business community, governmental and non-governmental organizations with a mission in the Republic of Kosovo in the field of innovation;

1.8. Creates policies and programs for the establishment and functioning of Innovation Centers;

1.9. Develops policies to support and promote innovative programs and ideas;

1.10. Develops policies to support young people in capacity building and stimulate them to orient their interests in the field of innovation;

1.11. Develops and proposes policies for the Innovation Fund;

1.12. Proposes policies to regulate the internal market for innovative products and services in all sectors, including fiscal and non-fiscal measures.

 Within the Innovation Department are the following Divisions:

 - Innovation and Technology Division

 - Research and Development Division

Laura Zherka, Head of the Innovation Department
Tel: +383 (0)38 200 69510​