Department for Investments

Duties and responsibilities:

1.1    Develops policies and projects for strategic investments and general investments;

1.2    Develops studies, analysis, research and strategic investment programs, on its own initiative or in cooperation with relevant institutions;

1.3    Drafts legislation on strategic investments and general investments;

1.4    In cooperation with relevant institutions, compiles the list of potential strategic investment projects in accordance with applicable law;

1.5    In cooperation with relevant institutions, monitors policies and initiatives related to supporting strategic investments, Diaspora and general investments;

1.6    Analyzes data and information related to investments, to identify areas and investment opportunities in Kosovo;

1.7    Prepares necessary materials and publications for investment opportunities in Kosovo, as well as for the promotion of these investments, including investments from the Diaspora;

1.8    In cooperation with relevant institutions, monitors the implementation of programs, policies and legislation;

1.9    Proposes and coordinates activities for negotiations for the conclusion of international agreements for mutual protection of investments;

Within the Department for Investments, are also divisions:

Division for Strategic Investment

- Division for General Investments

Shqipron Salihu, Acting Director of the Department of Investments
Tel.:  +383 (0) 3820036639