Tourism Department

1. Duties and responsibilities are:

1.1. Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of legislation in the field of tourism;

1.2. Proposes, drafts and monitors the implementation of strategic policy documents for the development of tourism in Kosovo;
1.3. Offers proposals and promotes the internationalization of Kosovo's tourism

1.4. Promotes and advertises Kosovo as a tourist destination;

1.5 Provides support to cooperation with international touristic association;
1.6. Supports and promotes cooperation with regions, municipalities, touristic associations and NGOs.

1.7. Organizes fairs, conferences and workshops from the field of tourism and catering;

  1. Develops and implements the touristic information system to organize and manage touristic information;

1.9 Encourages the application of quality standards for the accommodation sector.

1.10. Handles the support to the development of tourism products and projects in the regions and municipalities.

1.11. Regulates the activity of touristic businesses in cooperation with KBRA;

1.12 Monitors and measures the efficiency of policy measures on competitiveness and sustainability of Kosovo’s tourism;

1.13 Organizes the database on the potentials for tourism and catering;.

2. Head of the Tourism Department reports to the Secretary General

This Department is composed of:

- Division for Drafting Tourism Policies; and

- Division for Promotion, Development of Products, Businesses and Quality Standards;