Division for Strategic Investment

Duties and responsibilities:

1.1.    Drafts and implements strategic investment programs, on its own initiative or in cooperation with relevant institutions;

1.2.    Conducts analysis and research related to strategic investment programs;

1.3.    In coordination with relevant institutions, promotes the possibility of strategic investments in Kosovo;

1.4.    In cooperation with relevant institutions, monitors and implements policies and initiatives related to supporting strategic investments of the Diaspora and strategic investments in general;

1.5.    In cooperation with relevant institutions, develops, maintains and updates the register of activities of strategic investors, which serves as a source of information to facilitate the identification of areas and opportunities for strategic investments in Kosovo;

1.6.    Prepares necessary materials and publications on strategic investment opportunities in Kosovo, as well as for the promotion of these investments by the Diaspora;

Nazmi Osmanaj, Head of the Division for Strategic Investments
Email: nazmi.osmanaj@rks-gov.net