Strategic Goods Trade Departament

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The scope of activities of the Department of Strategic Goods Trade Control

The Department of Strategic Goods Trade Control (DSGTC) is an institution that operates within the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The DSGTC undertakes its scope of activities in support of and application of the Constitution, the law on strategic goods trade, other laws and secondary legislation.

The DSGTC as part of its scope of activities controls the export, import, transit, trans-shipment, reexport, transfer, retransfer and intermediary functions for dual use goods, military goods and technologies and related services, in order to ensure the national interests of the Republic of Kosovo.

The DSGTC supervises the upholding of international treaties on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their launch systems, transfer of conventional weapons, and the implementation of measures which are aimed at prevention of proliferation and use of such good for illegal purposes.

The DSGTC is responsible for the implementation of government policy in the field of controlling strategic goods activities.

The DSGTC is a point of contact for cooperation with other states, which are party to the UNO protocol, against the fabrication and illegal trafficking of fire arms, their parts and components, and ammunitions.

The DSGTC in order to fulfil its legal obligations cooperates closely with other institutions and entities related to information on international transfer of goods, which they are obliged to provide to the DSGTC in the exercise of functions related to export control, covering all the data and necessary expertise.

The DSGTC can use and share this data with other international counterpart agencies, only for the purposes of export control and for the protection of national interests.

The sharing of information on international transfer of goods cannot be in violation with the legislation in force and against national interests.

The DSGTC during the exercise of its activities is obliged to preserve the confidentiality of data and the secretes of trade entities, which are objects of its control.

The DSGTC reaches cooperation agreements with other institutions, international and national, while observing the legislation in force.

The DSGTC in order to fulfil its legal obligations requests information from other state institutions, including also classified information, only for the purposes of exercising control over strategic goods trade. The institutions which have such information, are obliged to provide the requested information within the legal timeframe. In cases when the information cannot be put at disposal, within such timeframes, with justifications provided, the parties reach an agreement on its extension to a deadline foreseen by law.

The DSGTC can engage with other state authorities during the implementation of imposed measures in the process of controlling the strategic goods trade, like the diplomatic and consular representation offices of the Republic of Kosovo outside the country, with the approval of their respective institution to which they report, and the intelligence services or other specialised structures. 

Strategic Goods Trade Department within the Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for implementation of Kosovo’s strategic trade control policies in all its aspects.

Department carries out the following tasks:

  • registers exporters, importers of strategic goods and providers of related services;
  • proposes changes and updates to the National Control List;
  • verifies the completion of documentation for license applications after approval from the Commission;
  • prepares policy and technical analysis;
  • carries out pre-license checks and conducts post-license verification;
  • imposes administrative penalties in case of violations;
  • suspends licenses; • prepares annual reports;
  • performs administrative work for the Commission; etc.