European Integration Division

1. Duties and responsibilities of the European Integration Division are:

1.1. Provides support for the development of strategies and plans within the scope of the Ministry;

1.2. Provides information on the design of the European Partnership Action Plan (EPAP) and ensures its harmonization with the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and other strategic documents;

1.3. Monitors the implementation of the EPAP and reports to the relevant institutions;

1.4. Coordinates IPA assistance and bilateral and multilateral foreign assistance for the activities of the Ministry and ensures that it relates to the priorities of the Ministry;

1.5. Provides support for the organizational structure of the Ministry for procedures preparation and project management;

1.6. Provides support for responsible organizational structure relating to legal issues at the Ministry in terms of inclusion of EU policies in national legislation during the harmonization with the acquis communautaire, as well as ensures that the legislation provided by the EPAP is integrated into the Government's Legislative Program;

1.7. Provides support in organizing and thrifting of regular meetings of the Stabilization and Association process, for issues that relate to the scope of Ministry.

2. Head of European Integration Divisions reports to the Head of European Integration and Policy Coordination Department.

3. Number of employees in the European Integration Division is two (2).

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