Department for General Services

1. Mission of the Department of General

1.1 Services shall be to provide employees in MIET with the physical working conditions, necessary equipment and support services for the performance of their duties,  and ensure proper administration of internal documents of MIET. The Department shall support other Departments by providing IT services, maintenance, logistics, document administration and other similar services.

2.       Duties and responsibilities of the Department for General Services are:

2.1.   Assists the management in internal organization and provides administrative and logistics support;

2.2.    Provides logistics services to the Ministry;

2.3.         Manages and maintains the inventory and other materials in the warehouse, and provides administrative and logistics support;

2.4.       Ensures the implementation of procedures for the management of all vehicles  available to MIET, their maintenance and      servicing, in accordance with applicable law;

2.5.        Maintains IT equipment and provides IT services;

2.6.     Manages the system of archive and internal documents of the Ministry;

2.7.   Provides general services, such as; translation, proofreading and distribution of documents for the Ministry  and agencies;

3.   Director of the Department for General Services reports to the Secretary General.

4.     The Department for General Services consists of the following divisions:

4.1   Division for Transport and Logistics, and

4.2   Division for IT and Administration of Documents and Services

The number of employees in the Department for General Services is nineteen (19).

Blerim Ibrahimi  - Director of the Department for General Services
Tel: 038/200-36-619

Emrtimi Viti