Human Resources Unit

1.    The mission of the Human Resources Management Unit is to ensure the effective management of human resources through the development of procedures, programs and services that contribute to achieving the goals of the institution and employees by properly balancing the needs of employees and the needs of the institution, and it exercises the functions and competencies in accordance with the applicable laws and bylaws on human resources.

2.    The duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources Management Unit are:

2.1.    Supports and offers advice to the highest administrative leader of the institution and/or the institution’s head for human resources management;

Leads, plans, supervises and coordinates the work of organizational units in all activities of the human resources unit and ensures efficientoperation;

2.3.    Provides and exercises competencies in accordance with the authorizations and responsibilities in order to implement the legislation, documents, requirements, procedures and standards of the institution in the field of human resources;

2.4.    Prepares the annual plan and the medium-term staff plan in accordance with the budget planning process of the institution;

2.5.    Assists relevant units in preparing job descriptions, job classification and job systematization;

2.6.    Develops procedures for moving within the category and promotion for civil servants until the filling of the job position in accordance with the legislation in force;

2.7.    Ensures the implementation of procedures for performance evaluations, leave, training, attendance, disciplinary proceedings, suspension of employment, termination of employment – dismissal from civil service, early retirement, certificates, statistics of employees, etc. based on applicable legal acts;

2.8    administers personnel files (individual files) of the institution and records all data, processes and procedures in the electronic system (HRMIS);

2.9    Salary administration, salary compensations, bonuses, salary supplements for employees, etc.;

2.10. Prepares the annual report and work plan for human resource management.

3.    The head of the Human Resources Management Unit reports to the Secretary General.

4.    The Human Resources Management Unit is an organizational unit equivalent to a department.

5.    The number of employees in the Human Resources Management Unit is seven (7).

Arta Dushi, Head of the Human Resources Unit 

Tel:     +383  (038) 200 36-578