Procurement Division

1. The mission of the Division for Public Procurement shall be to carry out procurement activities in the MIET and to use the funds of the Contracting Authority (MIET) in the most transparent, fair and

efficient manner, in full compliance with the Law and the rules of Public Procurement.

2. Duties and responsibilities of the Procurement Division are:

2.1. Prepares, coordinates and implements the annual plan of the Ministry in the field of public procurement, in accordance with legislation in force;

2.2. Ensures that all procurement requests have been prepared in accordance with the procurement rules and procedures;

2.3. Determines tender procurement methodology and price evaluation procedures;

2.4. Provides advice and assists the management in making decisions relating to contested issues that may arise during execution of contracts;

2.5. Cooperates, coordinates and develops objectives and activities with all institutional organizational structures.

3. Head of the Procurement Division reports to the Secretary General.

4. The number of employees in the Procurement Division is four (4).

Burim Koraqi, Acting head of the Procurement Division

Tel.: +383(0)3820036535 & +383(0)3820036513