State Reserve Goods Division

1. Duties and responsibilities of the State Reserve Goods Division are:

1.1. Proposes, designs and ensures implementation of legislation on state reserves goods;

1.2. Proposes, designs and ensures implementation of strategic policy documents on state reserves goods;

1.3. Designs the annual program on state reserve goods and ensures its implementation;

1.4. Maintains the list of products that are state reserve goods;

1.5. Provides creation of the state reserve goods, their renewal and use in accordance with the relevant legislation;

1.6. Ensures fulfillment of contractual obligations of state reserve goods;

1.7. Ensures provision of necessary conditions and space for the storage and maintenance of reserve goods and their physical security.

2. Head of State Reserve Goods Division reports to the Head of the State Reserves Department.

3. Number of employees in the State Reserve Goods Division is three (2).

Emrtimi Viti