Kosovo Metrology Agency - KMA

Metrology Agency of Kosovo (KMA) is the only state body for metrology, which operates according to the law on Metrology, No. 03/L-203, law no. 04/L-124 on amendment and supplementation of the law on the precious metals products, No.04/L-154, and legal acts that are I compliance with the aforementioned laws
Mission of the Metrology Agency: 

•    Preserve, develop, and use national measuring means/etalons ; 
•    Protect consumers by organizing testing of measuring instruments in field of official and trade transactions, protection of health, environment and technical safety, and testing of net quantity of prepackage;  
•    Provide calibration services to the manufacturers and users of the measuring means in order to become competitive in the domestic and external market. 

Metrology Agency of Kosovo is under its constitution, which so far has operated as Department under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Under this Agency operates the Directory of Scientific and Industrial Metrology, Directory of Legal Directory, Metrology Supervision and the Sector for Testing of Precious Metal Products. 
Existing Laboratories:

-    Laboratory of mass testing; 
-    Laboratory for electric measurements testing; 
-    Laboratory for volume and flow testing;
-    Laboratory for thermometry testing; 
-    Laboratory for force testing, and 
-    Laboratory for testing of precious metal product. 

The Metrology Agency’s staff is trained at the Metrology Institutes, such as in: Slovenia, Albania, Turkey, UK, Greece and other countries where the metrology is advanced.  

Actually, the Metrology Agency of Kosovo (MAK), thanks to its own labs, throughout all Kosovo territory dose verifications, testing and calibration of measuring means as: electric meters, mass measuring means (as of weight and grammar), thermometry, volume-meters placed at the fuel selling stations, also dose the quality control of precious metal products. In regard to perpetrating the measuring mean for verification, testing and calibration, MAK have authorized entities that deal with servicing and preparation for measuring means verification, testing and/or calibration. 

MAK approves, allows type of measuring meters for the used in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. 
Thanked to Slovenia’s and Turkey’s Institutes of Metrology, MAK dose measurement traceability of standards by calibrating primary etalons. 

The mass, thermometry and electric measuring laboratory participates at the inter-comparisons organized in region or in Europe for comparison of proficiency and ability testing of the laboratories that participates at this event. All three laboratories are doing necessary preparations for accreditation, which process will be taken by the DAK (Kosovo Accreditation Agency), while is expected somewhere by the end of this year to end the accreditation procedures.  

Those laboratories need further more to be completed with additional measuring instruments and equipments that should be used for different metrology activities. Other problem is the lack of necessary space for developing all those activities and establishing additional laboratories. 
In the future is planned to establish the following laboratories: 

-    Length laboratory; 
-    Presser laboratory; 
-    The time and frequency laboratory, and  
-    Chemical laboratory. 

Metrology System is a key element of the quality infrastructure of a country. In many countries, advanced measuring quality system is one of the driving forces for the manufacturing industry, and many testing environment are used for developing new products. Creating a good metrology system also helps in the development of the measuring instrument production, and production in general.

Creation of necessary metrology infrastructure (as accredited calibration laboratories, national standards, and experts for metrology), aiming to gain faith and credibility in Kosovo, is the reason why we support the quality of products and services in Kosovo.

Emrtimi Viti